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Almost this long.
Stayed up till 3am+ playing with MSN Webcam pictures with Weiwen.
fell asleep.

Woke up at 8am to give her a wake up call. But she was already awake. thought that counts right? :D

Went back to sleep and later met alfred for lunch.
ATE (fake) Korean food.

Alfred came over to do art for tomorrow’s DTVW module.
(Mine completely own his, but he don’t want admit)
(He almost lose to my sister arm wrestling)

Those in my class tomorrow can see how amazing it is.

Then crap a lot, all this, we go arcade, play daytona (never find wallet today ah, sad life.. LOL!!)

ATE (fake) french food. PASTA MANIA.

Oh! saw KENNY at arcade. he so nice sia, play the grab-thing-machine game, and give me the snack thing he won like “na, this one for you” seriously, so nice of him! SO NICE. THIS MADE MY MOOD OF THE DAY FROM HIGH TO HIGH+1. :)

oh. new blog btw. DUCKS.

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